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finding towing services capable of towing RVs

What do you do when you are driving an RV to your favorite destination and it breaks down along the road? This was something that I was never prepared for, so when it happened, I had no idea what to do. It took a few hours before we found a towing service that had the equipment needed to tow our RV. Since then, I map out our trip and search for towing services along the route that can tow our RV. If this is something you need to do, my blog can help you learn how to find those towing services capable of helping.

5 Reasons To Call An Emergency Tow Service

Car problems never happen at a convenient time, and often they occur after hours when it's difficult to reach a mechanic or handy friend. Fortunately, 24-hour tow services can provide more than just a tow. Know the common ways a tow service can help with your car problems. 

1. Jump Starts

One of the more common car problems is with the battery. If you accidentally left a light on or the battery went dead for some other reason, a simple jump start can get you going again. Tow drivers have the proper tools and equipment to jump both standard vehicles and those with hybrid battery systems. Many can also provide battery service where they will replace a faulty battery with a new one if your old battery is too dead to jump.

2. Tire Problems

Flat tires are a pain, and you may not always have the equipment or ability to change them out safely yourself. Your tow truck driver can make short work of a tire change. They typically have air tanks on their truck as well, which means they can fill up a forgotten spare tire if it is low on air. Tire service is especially helpful if you have a difficult vehicle to work with, such as an RV, heavy SUV, or a truck with dual wheels.

3. Gas Services

Out of gas? If there isn't a gas station within walking distance, it can feel like you are out of luck. The good news is a 24-hour tow service can bring you enough fuel to get you to the nearest station, no matter what time it is. Most carry quite a bit of fuel, so they will be sure to provide enough even if the closest station is a good distance away.

4. Locked Outs

Getting locked out of your car can be embarrassing, but keep in mind it happens to everyone. A towing service may also offer simple locksmith services for when you're locked out, which means they can open up your car quickly so you can retrieve your keys from inside. Some may also offer additional services, such as the removal of a broken key from a lock and even making a new key on the spot.

5. Breakdowns

A full breakdown often means you will need a tow, and a 24-hour two service will have the right type of truck for your particular vehicle's make and model. They may also be able to perform some roadside repairs, such as replacing a broken belt or radiator hose.

Contact an emergency towing service if you suffer car trouble and need immediate help.